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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Challenges facing the incoming news director of National Public Radio, and NPR itself.

Why is NPR losing audience?
Why are prime drive time shows are losing loyalty?
By Art Lynch

1. They got rid of long time host when the host is why people gravitate toward stations. Bob Edwards and others held an audience, had friendly chatting person talking with you not at you voices for morning and afternoon stress time..

2. NPR targeting women and Hisanpanics (a great idea for both). They laid off many male newscasters and announcers. They shifted focus to a two coast sound (west coast and east coast) losing much of the rest of the country in doing so..both women and Hispanic targeting are part of that strategy. The shift  came at the expense of many male and non-Hispanic listeners in key areas outside of Washington DC, NYC and LA.3.

3. They lost their slant to be neutral and at times even conservative (which Conservatives have not caught up on). I will not go into this in any depth because both progressive liberals and conservatives refuse to believe academic and independent studies that show NPR as either the most neutral news in America or leaning slightly pro-business and toward the right.

4. Podcast and other alternatives abound,. .TV is even losing audience in the drive time hours to traffic monitoring on the, YouTube and other sources. For internet and audio, many of those sources erroding NPR affiliates are from NPR itself

5. With the Intenet anyone can listen to the flagship programs at any time of day from almost any city on almost any terrestrial NPR affiliate, so core local listening has also been eroded from within.

6. People simply have less time to sit and listen. A shift in society, media and jobsites has changed the face of America. We are bombarded with information and often those who once were news junkies are "news-ed" out.

7. NPR, in its attempt to land and younger audience, has only be slightly successful, at the expense of its core educated older audience.

8. In an age of meme's, people reading only headlines, FOX News, Facebook, polarized beliefs the audience who is educated, wants to learn and listens "long form" may be dieing, along with Democracy itself.

Art Lynch
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