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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Generation Me! The Millennial Generation

Generation Me!
The Millennial Generation

-by Art Lynch

Selfish, lazy, or stressed out with new 21st century literacy and skills? Lack of respect for property and privacy, or a new aesthetic and marching to a different drummer?  Can they overcome the recession, previous generaitons unable to retire from the work force, lower paying jobs and a general change in the moral and ethical fabric of our society?

(students note that references in this posting are APA, which is the required reference source citation for the course sections I teach).

The Millennial Generation is the largest generation in history, with Baby Boomers leaving us as they age, and Millennials growing up into a significant political, economic and eventual power brokering generation. They may represent to their children the same obstacles that their parent sand grandparents represented to them, holding jobs and influencing power in ways that limit the voice of the next two generations that follow. The report below is by the author of this blog, Art Lynch, and is copyrighted. Slides are from Eastern Illinois University and other sources (web PDF). See full list of sources at the end of this paper, including additional material and sources used in graphic presentations. Sources other than graphics are indicated in APA format within the document and at the conclusion.  The chart below is from the New Politics Institute.

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