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Friday, August 1, 2014

Lynch Coaching Beta: Seeking Feebback and Help

Your help and referral sought for Lynch Coaching

For those asking about Lynch Coaching and the business..

(Top: Founder Laura Lynch MSW.  Right: Casting Call Entertainment students)

I will continue to teach actors on Friday nights, as long as they will have me, at Casting Call Entertainment, which offers their own packages at very low rates for training in many aspects of the business. I am paid to teach and it is not a part of Lynch Coaching, although I intend to remain a part of their process, growth and what they offer.

On Lynch Coaching...



(Left top: Don Brakeman, coach and marketing)
 Right left : Lt. Col Robert F Cain (ret).


Soft Beta start with a few clients, meetings for advice from people I trust, feelers out on Facebook and that is about it.

Positive feedback from acting and public speaking business clients who have been the initial group.

The plan is to grow small, deliberate and with the same attention and personal service I, and my friends, have always provided.

We could use a dozen or so reliable small clients, or a foot in the door for small and mid sized businesses.

We are also looking to partner on percentage, fee, or negotiated basis for sales, marketing, outreach and services.

(Left; Scott Rogers)

We will help you gain confidence, improve in your ability to speak or perform in front of groups, make presentations, understand others, sort out your own priorities, and manage difficult situations.

We will help you look relaxed and professional in interviews, meetings, teleconferences and seminars. Communication is key in today's medical, legal and business communities.

Actors and Performers; coaching will help you to polish your craft, audition and enjoy your passion.

All services available in your office, your home, on location or via phone,  Skype or FaceTime.

(Left Top: James Campbell; Left below: Tommy Imperfection Perez)

Currently we offer acting, public speaking, select audio and video services, communication consulting, marketing consulting, advertising consulting, life coaching and a few other services out of Las Vegas, Chicago and if you are interested by Skype world wide.

It is not as big as it seems.

This is not a giant corporation. 

These are skills that our members, our team, bring to the table and will offer anyone who uses our company services.

Just check out who 

our team members are 
(drop down menu).

And if you have a service you want to list, on an arrangement to be negotiate with us, or to join our team, let me know so we can talk.

(Right: Art Lynch)

Again...thank you to those who have helped so far.

We need to get some revenue generated soon...

So keep us in mind.

Refer us.

Use us yourself.

Check out the tip of the iceburge references listed on the web site..

Art Lynch, PhD

(702) 454-1067

(Below: Tamarra Pomponio, Associate OR and WA)

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