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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The last D-Day

It's the last big D-Day...June 7, 1944...70 years ago. Bets from 85 to 110 will be there, in smaller numbers and escourted by today's soldiers form their own services (mostly US Army). Parades in France on Sunday to today had large crowds waving American and French flags and chanting "Viva la USA" and Viva la America!"

In time it will all be forgotten or burried in history, Already young young Americans feel that the sacrifices of the Greatest Generation are not worth celebrating or commemorating...not their world, not their generation, not their problem or their parade. Good thing they do not feel that way in France!

The US stood for liberty and liberation, freedom and trust, sacrifice and victory!

I still feel that way.

A proud salute, tip of the hat and hand over my heart to all the remaining survivors not only of D-Day, but of World War II, a war against totalitarianism, oppression, racism and hatred. One we won. May we never have to fight it again, may we never forget, and may we never turn into the evil we fought so hard to defeat three quarters of a century ago.

-Art Lynch

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