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Monday, December 1, 2014

Joining Lynch Consulting : Pentagon Lt. Col. Rob Cain (ret)

“Strategic Communications is not just a tweet, press release or sound bite.  It is what the organization delivers in action and change.”  

Robert Cain, MsEd., LTC (Retired, USA)

Rob Cain has operated in public affairs for government organizations for 28 years.  As a retired LTC in the Army he has traveled the world setting up and operating Joint Information Bureaus to facilitate the news gathering of national and international media on major military operations.  At the Pentagon he led teams to create and implement senior leader communication initiatives for medical, financial and perception -making campaigns to internal and external audiences.  Whether your company is preparing a new product or your organization is steeped in crisis, he can provide clear and precise communication plans to guide management and employees through the storm.  He has briefed the Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Army and has intimate knowledge on what it takes to break through communication barriers using traditional and social media outlets.  He has witnessed media facilitation over-seas, and at the highest levels in the halls of the Pentagon and at the United States Naval Academy.  He has taught at the DoD’s Defense Information School (DINFOS) teaching DoD Officers to be media-ready in their assignments.  He can set the foundation for managers to be proficient in public speaking and media facilitation.  He can set your organizations public affairs policy and provide guidelines for your organization’s image to be seen at the highest standard.   He was invited back 3 times to the Army War College to coach senior level executives and senior officers in techniques to brief the media, and news conference operations.  Mr. Cain can reveal the secrets of the three ‘Bs’ of outstanding staff work that will enhance your organization’s public image by: being brief, being brilliant, and being gone.”   

Raise your organization’s media savvy by inviting Mr. Cain to address your group or organization. 

Holding a Master’s of Science in Education specializing in Instructional Technology Mr. Cain can bring to your organization the secret of effective training.  As a team member he assisted in the creation of an on-line courses to provide long-distance training in public affairs and has repeatedly taught Public Affairs Seminars. 

It was Magic Johnson that said, “When you face a crisis, you know who your true friends are.”  However, any organization must know what to do to keep friends, and to change any perception that will distract from the company’s mission and loose those friends.  Planning is everything. 

Mr. Cain currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.  He is an avid history buff.  

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