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Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Normal Heart

"Normal Heart" finally made it to HBO Tonight. I have the honor to have been in the first college production in the country, at UNLV in the mid 1980's, while the crisis was at its height since no one knew what was happening and President Reagan choose to ignore it because it was a "gay" disease. The film, by nature, is very different than the play, with far more graphic images and in many ways far more emotion. i remember inviting my agent to A Normal Heart when I was in it. Her husband walked out and she was very uncomfortable, but she stayed and did say the play was worthwhile and important. The production was a Royal Shakespeare Company-UNLV joint production under the director of Royal Shakespeare actor Roderick horn. I still can't believe I made the class and was in it. This past year Poor Richard's Theaster in Las Vegas staged the show for a new generation. Very uncomfortable watching the graphic images in the movie...I hope it does not turn too many people off. The message is still vital.

-Art Lynch

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