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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Self Awareness in Communication

It is important to be aware of who you are, what your motivations, emotions, beliefs, faith, culture and inner thoughts are as you communicate with others. You need to frame messages and interpret messages through the filters or noise that are your thoughts and your being.

For that reason an image and understanding of self cannot be avoided in understanding effective and ineffective communication.

We all have bias, prejudices and stereotypes. We all have predispositions and self image.

So it is that the study of communication is a social studies or humanities field, integrated with psychology, sociology, social anthropology and other fields of study.

Its about an individual, other individuals, groups and the society.

Psychology: The study of how thinking influences behavior, of how our mind works and how our own personality and mind impacts our interaction with others.

Symbolic interaction theory: The theory that people make sense of the world based on the words or symbols used by others.

Personality: Enduring internal predispositions and behavioral characteristics that describe how people react to their environment, both internally and externally.

Self:  The sum total of who a person is; a person's central inner force.

Self-concept:  A persona's subjective description of who he or she is.

Self-disclosure: Purposefully providing informat about yourself to others that they may not learn if you did not tell them.
Self-awareness: A person's conscious awareness of tho he or she is.

Attitude:  Learned predisposition to respond to stimulus, including another person, object or idea, in a favorable or unfavorable way.

Belief:  Way in which we structure our understanding of reality- what is true and what is false for an individual, their belief structure or basis.

Value: Enduring concept of good and bad, right and wrong.

Mindfulness: The ability to consciously think about what you are doing and experiencing.

Subjective Self Awareness: Ability to differentiate the self from the social and physical environment.

Objective self awareness: Ability to be the object of one's own thoughts and attention - to be aware of one's state of mind and that one is thinking.

Symbolic self awareness:  The ability to think about oneself and use language (symbols) to represent oneself to others. Use to be thought of as uniquely human, however studies have shown this exist in select other species on earth as well.

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