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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Holding down the glass ceiling

Republicans in Congress are arguing that the gender pay gap is by women's own choices. Women choose lower paying jobs, professions, choose child care and working fewer hours. The same block in the house is working to block a guaranteed higher minimum wage,  increase in enforcement of fair labor practices and required insurance coverage by businesses of employees, saying all three would force small businesses to close or to freeze hiring and cost the economy billions.

Beastly Mary Mac on Grimm

From: Mary Mac 

Oregon's "First Hexenbiest" Cylvia Hayes made a cameo appearance on the set of GRIMM today. She's joined here by Frau Pech, a fellow Hexenbiest played by Oregonian Mary McDonald-Lewis, who's thrilled to have an exciting recurring role in the show's second season. McDonald-Lewis is also the production's dialect coach.

I strongly suggest working dialect with Mary Mac, a dedicated unionist, national board member and talented coach and director for on camer and voice over. - Art Lynch