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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The NSA, Hyhperlocal Reporting and the real sotry of the orginal Welfare Queen

The NSA's PR Offensive, 

The State of Hyperlocal Reporting, 

and More 

On the Media

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The NSA's PR offensive, a White House task force recommends reforms to the NSA's data collection behavior, and hyperlocal reporting suffers as AOL's Patch scales back.

Journey to the Center of the NSA

Last Sunday's 60 Minutes profile of the NSA was almost universally reviled. But 60 Minutes is not the only outlet that has spent time at the agency's headquarters in Maryland. Brooke talks to Daniel Drezner, who wrote about his trip to the NSA's headquarters and the agency's new PR push for Foreign Policy.
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A Surprise Ruling

On Monday, a DC District Court judge issued a surprise injunction against the NSA's massive metadata gathering. Bob talks with University of Chicago Law Professor Aziz Huq who says that even though the injunction has little chance of surviving appeal, it may still have an influence.
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The NSA Gets a Report Card

This week, the White House released a 300-page report, which included a list of 46 recommendations to change the NSA’s surveillance techniques and increase transparency and oversight. Brooke talks with Richard Clarke, a member of the panel, about the group’s attempt to address the privacy concerns of Americans.

Data Brokers, Congress, and You

While this week's news about government data collection was making headlines, Senator Jay Rockefeller and the Senate Commerce Committee released a scathing report about the many ways the consumer data industry collects, stores, and sells your private information. Bob talks with Kate Kaye of Ad Age about why Rockefeller is putting consumer data brokers on notice.
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A Case of the Hyperlocal Cooties

As announced in David Carr’s New York Times column last weekend, AOL’s hyperlocal news network Patch may be on the verge of being shut down. This news has cast a pall over the viability of hyperlocal news. Bob speaks to BuzzMachine blogger, and hyperlocal enthusiast, Jeff Jarvis about the future of hyperlocal.

The Talk of the Town

In Batavia, a small city in upstate New York, and neighboring towns in Genesee County, residents turn to their hyperlocal news source named, naturally, The Batavian, to learn lots of the latest local news. Yes, the Batavian is both filling a need and paying its bills. Brooke speaks to The Batavian’s Publisher Howard Owens, who has been at the helm of website, which he runs with his wife, Billie, and some local stringers.
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The Real Story of the Welfare Queen

In the late 1970s, Ronald Reagan told the story of a woman in Chicago who became known as the welfare queen, the embodiment of the problems with the welfare state. Like most myths, there’s some grain of truth embedded in this narrative: there was a woman in Chicago who was indicted on welfare fraud,  but her other crimes were far more grave. Brooke speaks with Josh Levin, executive editor of Slate, about his investigation of Linda Taylor, America’s original welfare queen.
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