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Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Media Savvy Pope, Overblown "Selfie-Gate," and More On The Media

Why the media love the Pope, the photographer who took the infamous Obama "selfie" photos, and marijuana journalism.

The People's Pope

This week, Time Magazine named Pope Francis 2013's person of the year. Brooke looks at the how the new Pope has been received by the media, and how his messaging seems to have gone viral.
Martin Palmeri - Misa A Buenos Aires - Sanctus

The Photographer Behind "Selfie-Gate"

This week's media coverage of Nelson Mandela's memorial service had little to do with the service itself. There was the unexpected handshake between President Barack Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro; the fake sign language interpreter who says he saw angels in the stadium; and of course, "selfie-gate." Brooke speaks with Roberto Schmidt, the AFP photographer who snapped the now infamous photos, about how the media have overblown the story.

Frustration in the White House Press Corps

Frustration is growing in the White House press corps due to limited access to the "transparency" president. In a piece that originally aired in March, Bob goes to the White House to find out how the role of the press corps is changing under this media savvy administration.
Raymond Scott - The Penguin

Meet The New Pot Editor

On January 1st, Colorado will be the first state to allow recreational marijuana use. To cover the story The Denver Post has hired a full-time pot editor to run a dedicated pot page. Ricardo Baca is his name and despite being a longtime, experienced journalist, he's spent the last few weeks enduring joke after joke about his new position. Bob talks with Baca about the new gig and all the jokes.

High Times for 'High Times'

Unlike The Denver Post, High Times is not a new comer to the marijuana game, having covered the beat for 39 years. Bob talks with High Times editor-in-chief Chris Simunek about how the magazine reports on the world of marijuana, and whether pot coverage going mainstream will change High Times. 

The Unicorn

Millions of Americans don't use the internet at all. Some don't have access because of poverty, geography, or age. But some just never logged on. OTM producer and TLDR co-creator Alex Goldman goes on a quest to find someone who never made it online.  Programming note: Take a look at TLDR -- OTM's new blog and podcast.


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