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Sunday, December 15, 2013

2014 will be my 20th years on the National Board, 25th of Guild Service

20 years on the National Board of Directors.

January marks the anniversary of stepping up to the board....January 1994. 

Three merger attempts, the last one successful.

Brought two offices to Las Vegas, only to see national staff (both cases the National Executive Directors at the time) cut the office due to the cyclical nature of our production here, lack of our ability to organize and maintain local contracts and local based production, and in this last case, massive budget cuts at the new union, SAG-AFTRA.

Worked with six Nevada Executive Directors (paid staff), the longest period under Jerre Hookey, who was based in Denver but put his time and passion into our state.

Got to know the late Ken Orsatti, the longest serving National Executive Director and some say one of the powers behind how strong the Screen Actors Guild became.

Saw many members leave....some to LA or NYC, but most just drop our a more than a few close friends pass away while still serving the union they loved so much.

The launch of a highly successful Conservatory, with my term as the second chair being the most rewarding part of my Guild service.

And life long friendships, here in Nevada and nationally.

What I can tell you is that the position of National Board member does not pay, will keep you from working, is not powerful without the help and friendship of many other board members, gains no personal gain, takes hundreds and hundreds of hours work a year, is vital to the future of the membership and the union and is in many ways thankless and often futile.

Your have to take the setbacks, the disappointments, and celebrate the victories and the power of unionism.

So, as I enter my 20th year on the board, and the SAG AWARDS celebrates its 20th award ceremony (I have not attended any of these due to lack o financial resources to attend), I am looking forward to growing work for the membership nationally and here in Nevada.

Your input ad support is needed.

And I am most grateful for the opportunity to serve.

-Art Lynch

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