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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Was "Worst Twerk Fail EVER" A Betrayal of All That is Good In the World? And more "On the Media"

The week's over! The radio show'll be up on the site in a couple hours. Here're a bunch of things that I wanted to tell you about this week but didn't have time to:

"At the same time that the Twin Towers were falling, there were people having toothaches."

I’m not sure how I found it in the first place, but the image that I most often think about when I think about September 11th was shot by a photographer named Melanie Einzig on the morning of the attacks.

Twitter's going public. Now what?

Twitter announced its IPO this evening. Like Google or Facebook before it, the company spent a long time proving itself indispensable before it worried about proving itself profitable. Bob spoke to Twitter co-founder Evan Williams awhile back about how you make money off the world's favorite microblog.

Tragedy + Time = Advertising

AT&T tweeted a 9/11 themed ad today designed to celebrate the majesty of a recovered New York while subtly reminding social media users about AT&T's elegant,affordable smartphones.

Apple's New iPhone Has a Fingerprint Sensor

The iPhone 5S will ship with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home key.

Partying Like It's 1986

In Guelph, Ontario, a family has committed themselves to not using any technology invented after 1986.

Goodbye Voyager

After thirty-six years, NASA's Voyager spacecraft has finally left our solar system. It's the furthest a man-made object has ever been from space. And it's sending us back the sound of interstellar space. So what's that sound like, anyway?

If You Own an iPhone, the NSA is Snickering at You

Just in time for Apple's big press conference this week, Der Spiegel's reporting on slides from an internal NSA powerpoint presentation that show the agency making fun of Apple users for voluntarily participating in their own surveillance.

"40 Days of Dating" is Over, Thank God

Earlier this year, two friends who were tired of the grind of trying to date as twenty-somethings in New York City came up with an experiment.

You Can't Adopt a Child on Yahoo Anymore, But You Still Can on Facebook

This morning Reuters has a very sad story about online underground markets for adopted children.

The Hilarious Face of Canadian Propaganda

Sixty-one years ago today, the nation of Canada launched their first TV station. Which means today is as good a day as any to talk about Canadian Heritage minutes.

Why is Syria flummoxing American Satirists?

It's hard to talk about the ideas or politics behind comedy news, because while we all know that they're important and influential, we also know that because they're entertainment, you can't talk seriously about them without sounding like a dummy. So let's sound like dummies for a moment!

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