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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Olivia Wilde: Drinking Buddies

Olivia Wilde: Drinking Buddies

Olivia Wilde: Drinking Buddies

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Olivia Wilde gained notoriety from series regular roles in television shows The OC, House MD, and The Black Donnellys. Now that she's officially entered the realm of super-stardom, she's finding it easier to play around and take risks in roles that challenge her to explore new parts of herself. One such a film has been Joe Swanberg's Drinking Buddies, which co-stars Anna Kendrick, Jake Johnson and Ron Livingston. Wilde plays Kate, a fun, frisky woman on the verge of 30... but still acting like she's 22. She says she can relate to characters whose personality "does well at a certain point in life when you're allowed to be kind of a mess."


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