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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


24% is the projected actual unemployment level.

64% of newly created jobs are low paying.

1 in 4 jobs pay under $10 and hour

1 in 6 pay minimum wage

An unknown number are paid under the radar or contract only employees

1 in 3 Americans work multiple jobs, most often multiple part time jobs

1 in 3 Americans in have no insurance (not counting state or federal assistance)

Both sides in economic debates use numbers and rhetoric.

Where is the truth?

Are we growing poorer as a people but wealthy as an economy?

Are the top one percent the wealthiest in history, as some claim?

Do a survey of 20 people you know.

Is that a scientific survey or convenience?

We tend to see, listen to, and think like those we are around or those we identify with on televison or in films, and have blinders to others and their situations or views.

Communicators need to understand what is being said, where it is coming from, and be open to other views and experiences.

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