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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Underestimating Others...

Slings and arrows.

Underestimating others.

Making decision without talking to the source.

Jumping to conclusions.

As I stepped up my blogs online and became more active in communities here and online, I see more and more distrust, dislike and negative about people, places and organizations without any effort to understand who they are or where they are coming from.

I have never done things the conventional way.

I always explored on my own, stumbling, and often learning through trial and error.

It has led to adventures in the wilds of Wyoming, theaters from Chicago to Southern California, voice work, acting, producing / directing commercials, teaching college, raising a family and my eighteen year plus dedication the members of the Screen Actors Guild, and now SAG-AFTRA..

I have been successful as an actor, journalist, commercial and industrial producer, marketing consultant, writer and in working with volunteers. I am not rich, or famous, nor do i carry false credentials on my shoulder like so many stars on a generals coat.

If anything I have, as my wife reminds me, been shy, thanked and praised others, encouraged others to do their best work and kept my light under a bushel. Event this is just the easiest way for a person who does not seek fame and is basically shy to vet and explain what they see as a problem with the industry we all enjoy being a part of, or wish to join.

Those who follow tracks do not understand this.

Those who need to raise their own profile fast and keep it out there in the "marketing eye" do not know this.

I taught acting full time for Kim Flowers for a dozen years, with the blue collar and selfless dedication of my family's roots in industrial Chicago.

I spent more than 18 years representing the marketing interest of Canyon Rent To Own and other clients for what those in the industry know were rip off pay or compensation rates. I was the best at what i did, but because I had no hotel casino client, only those closest to me knew how good I am.

I earned awards covering the New West of Wyoming and surround areas in the 1970's and 80's as a radio and wire service journalist. While there i also started and grew two theater companies, one of which toured several states.

This blog, this Facebook, is open ended and broad, for experienced actors with far more experience than my, for future directors and producers, for actors and future actors. It is for professionals, but more so for the student and the community member who needs to express their souls through acting. I have another one for media and communication students.

I present a wide range of views, and invite others. Mine is the minority voice here, as access to links, news and the advice of many is offered at no cost and with no advertising on my blogs and Facebook pages.

The slings and arrows I referred to come from those who seek their own ego over others, who need to justify their own paths and beliefs, who have bought into the celebrity or working actor myth to the point of using it to justify all they do.

They come from other teachers, critics and cynics.

They come from those who have convinced the world that "there are no actors in Nevada."

They come from those who believe that if you are not in Hollywood or on the Great White Way, you are not an actor.

They have a right to their views, and those views are welcome, if polite and honest, on these blogs.

The working class and struggling talent I work with, who believe in the talent of others, of future generations and who, themselves, march to a different drummer and do not buy into the Hollywood and 30 Rock polar image of this country or of our industries, our fields, our talents.

I am a passionate unionist because of the benefits I have seen and experienced from being union. I also am a unionist to the core because my father, grandfather and going back to the formation of unions in the late 1800's were Chicago unionist, who sacrificed for the good of others.

I am a resident of Boulder City, an exburb of Las Vegas but also its own town born from the construction of the Hoover Dam. I am proud to be involved in the Dam Short Film Festival, the Historical Society, announce for the fourth of July parade and take part in local community activities, including coaching kids in acting through the park district.

My girls are grown up with families of their own. One family lives in the far northwest portion of Las Vegas (the other side of town) and the other in the Tornado Alley are of Oklahoma.

My wife and I have deep roots here in Nevada, in Boulder City and in our Faith and Family.

I continue to feel my Chicago unionist roots as a foundation, the foundation of who I am.

Service to others. Working for others. Working with all levels of talent

Slings and arrows are a part of life, more so in this industry.

Underestimating others seems to be what anyone who feels threatened or wants to play it safe falls back on instead of taking chances with those who have potential, diverse experience and dreams.

Making decision without talking to the source. Now that's a good one. I have very solid references, referrals and track record. But there are those who will with me, perhaps with you, and definitely with anyone they perceive as a threat, or competition.

Jumping to conclusions.

I am as guilty as any at jumping to conclusions. Bias, prejudice and stereotype, I share with my students are normal. It's how you use them, how honest you are and how you work to not let them become a part of you but can put them to work in your craft that count.

And get to know, study, befriend those who are different from you, including those who toss stones or shoot arrows.

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