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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Unsung Casting Director. Funding Movies via Slated. TriStar reborn. The dangers of China.

Funding Movies via Slated; The Unsung Casting Director

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The co-founders of lay out how their service is different from crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter-- stressing that they connect indie filmmakers with investors, not donors. Then, we meet a couple of those filmmakers who credit Slated with funding their movies. Plus, a new HBO documentary tells the story of how casting directors gained prominence and respect in the business. 


Hollywood News Banter 

Kim Masters is joined by John Horn of the Los Angeles Times. They banter about this week’s top entertainment news stories.
Today’s Banter Topics:
-The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences elects their first African American President-- Cheryl Boone Isaacs. Plus, the casting directors get a branch.
-Hollywood movie studios owed money by China but may not get it.
-Sony News: Tom Rothman, formerly of Fox, will run the nearly dormant Tri-Star label at Sony. Plus, Daniel Loeb a hedgefund investor criticizes Sony’s choice in movies.
-Television Critic Association meetings address the changing TV model.




The Business contributor John Horn talks with the founders of Slated, Stephan Paternot and Duncan Cork. They claim that the system of financing independent film is “broken” so they created Slated where credible projects could connect with legitimate financiers to invest in their movies. We also hear from two filmmakers who have found funding through Slated. Marina Zenovich for her Roman Polanski documentary Odd Man OutI; and first time director Christian Camargo for his arthouse indie starring William Hurt and Katie Holmes.



Unsung Casting Director 

The Business producer, Darby Maloney, tracks the evolution of casting directors in the business as seen through the Tom Donahue documentary Casting By. Donahue and clips from his film, which airs on HBO August 5th, recount how casting directors were simply functionaries during the studios days but became instrumental in the evolution of “new Hollywood.” The stories of Marion Dougherty and Lynn Stalmaster were instrumental.



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