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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TED Lectures, Talks, Video and Ideas

Beardyman: The polyphonic me

11:10 minutes · Filmed Feb 2013 · Posted Aug 2013 · TED2013
Frustrated by not being able to sing two notes at the same time, musical inventor Beardyman built a machine to allow him to create loops and layers from just the sounds he makes with his voice. Given that he can effortlessly conjure the sound of everything from crying babies to buzzing flies, not to mention mimic pretty much any musical instrument imaginable, that's a lot of different sounds. Sit back and let the wall of sound of this dazzling performance wash over you.

Playlist of the week

Words, words, words (10 TED Talks)

Talks from linguists, data analysts and word nerds who explore the all-encompassing power of language. Watch »
Total run time 2:19:01

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During a Formula 1 race, a car sends hundreds of millions of data points to its garage for real-time analysis and feedback. So why not use this detailed and rigorous data system elsewhere, like ... at children’s hospitals? Peter van Manen tells us more. (Filmed at TEDxNijmegen.) Watch »

Showing spectacular clips from plays and movies such as Frida, The Tempest and Broadway's The Lion King, director Julie Taymor candidly describes the tensions of her creative process: to capture the essence of a story, and to produce images and experiences unlike anything you've ever seen. Watch »

As a young EMT on a Jerusalem ambulance, Eli Beer realized that, stuck in brutal urban traffic, they often arrived too late to help. So he organized a group of volunteer EMTs -- many on foot or on bikes -- ready to drop everything and dash to save lives in their neighborhood. Watch »

Designer Bastian Schaefer shows off a speculative design for the future of jet planes, with a skeleton inspired by strong, flexible, natural forms and by the needs of the world's, ahem, growing population. Imagine an airplane that's full of light and space -- and built up from generative parts in a 3D printer. Watch »


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Quote of the Week

South Central Los Angeles [is the] home of the drive-thru and the drive-by. Funny thing is, the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys."
Ron Finley
Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA

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sanghamitra b on
Eli Beer: The fastest ambulance? A motorcycle
An amazing effort by selfless people which aims to save lives with common sense. Coming from India I have witnessed countless times when an amubalnce with its siren going off stuck in bad traffic, with no place for any other vehicles to give way. A two wheeler ambulance is a great idea which, when coupled with selfless volunteerism and good emergency training can go a long way in saving countless lives. I am glad Hatzalah is going to make similar efforts in India as well. I would like to know more about this, please do let me know where I can find out more about the India chapter."

Why are babies cute?

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