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Saturday, August 24, 2013

News, views, links, other industry stuff....

Hollywood's New Gold Mine: Youku Tudou
Hollywood Reporter

By Clifford Coonan
Forget box office -- online video viewing in China has doubled in the last six months as its streaming leader offers hot American TV shows -- with (yes!) paid receipts to prove it.

CBS looks beyond radio to monetize content.
Inside Radio

By Un-credited
As newly-named EVP of programming, one of Chris Oliviero’s marching orders at CBS Radio is finding new ways to grow revenue by exploring new business partnerships and acquisitions.  In a Q&A with Inside Radio, Oliviero says several such deals are “in the works” to help make the company more resistant to the ups and downs of the spot radio market.

Should the U.S. Government Ban TV Blackouts?
Daily Variety

By Todd Spangler
Does Uncle Sam need to step in to make sure consumers can watch the boob tube without interruption? American regulators should adopt rules forbidding TV blackouts, according to a cable lobbying group — but broadcasters rejected the call, which would eliminate their leverage in contract disputes. 

Free Press To FCC: Make Policy Via Gannett/Belo Review
Multichannel News

By John Eggerton
Free Press told the FCC this week that it should not hesitate to make policy via merger review, in this case that it is not in the public interest for a broadcaster to spin off a station to comply with local ownership caps if it continues to provide services to those stations through sharing agreements.

Is This The Fall TV Advertisers Tune In The Second Screen?
Daily Variety

By Brian Steinberg
“The Bachleorette” has run on ABC – off and on – since 2003. And yet only in 2013 did Clorox decide to advertise in the show. What brought the well-known bleach to the saucy reality series? 

Viewers recall ads best when they watch them on tablets: Study

By Laura Hazard Owen
A study of about 8,300 people suggests that viewers recall ads better when they watch them on tablets than when they watch them on smartphones, TVs or computers.

Pandora’s new model: more ads, longer stopsets
Inside Radio

By Un-credited
Pandora is already running more ads than in the past, and now the web service says it’ll take a page from the broadcast radio playbook and start grouping back-to-back commercials into stopsets rather than more frequent interruptions of single ads.   It’ll also allow fewer skips as a mobile listening cap is lifted.

Pandora's Mobile Ad Revs Soar 92%
 Media Post

By Mark Walsh
Revenue at online radio service Pandora increased 55% to $157.4 million in the second quarter, as mobile ad sales nearly doubled from a year ago. It reported adjusted earnings of 4 cents per share.

Tired of cable TV disputes, bills? More are cutting the cord
LA Times

By David Lazarus
A lot of people are sick of the money-grubbing spat between Time Warner Cable and CBS, which has resulted in CBS, Showtime and other channels being unavailable to the cable company's subscribers since Aug. 2. For Alan Ehrlich, this was the last straw.

Meet the Lawyer Who Strikes Fear in the U.S. Cable Industry
Wall Street Journal

By Shalini Ramachandran
One day last week, amid a blackout of CBS Corp.'s CBS +0.12% programming on Time Warner Cable Inc. TWC -0.85% systems, junior negotiators at CBS got on a conference call, expecting to talk to their counterparts at the cable company. They were taken aback when they heard Melinda Witmer, Time Warner Cable's top video executive, on the other end of the line.

Nate Silver: The Model for Tomorrow’s Musical Acts
Daily Variety

By Bob Lefsetz
Nate Silver is a superstar. He’s the model for tomorrow’s musical acts, but you just don’t know it yet.

Pop Music Videos? I Want My YouTube!
NY Times

By James C. McKinley Jr.
A LOT has changed since 1984, when MTV first televised the Video Music Awards. Thirty years ago, record labels often spent millions of dollars on videos by top directors to promote the sale of albums.

After 'Hogan's Heroes' Creators Get Movie Rights, WGA's Victory Appealed
Hollywood Reporter

By Eriq Gardner

This year, the Writers Guild of America quietly prevailed in establishing that Hogan's Heroes creators Bernard Fein and Albert Ruddy were entitled to "separated rights" in the story of a German prisoner-of-war camp during World War II. As a result of an arbitrator's March decision, Ruddy has reportedly been working on a feature film version of the TV series, which ran from 1965 to 1971 on CBS.

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