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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Las Vegas Review Journal attempts take over of Las Vegas Sun

Years ago I was involved in a study related to moving the Gannett / USA printing plants to Las Vegas. It was contingent, in part, on launching a new Las Vegas newspaper. The response to this overture and study was in joint operating agreement that has the Las Vegas Sun, once the largest morning newspaper in the state, as an independant paper insert in the Las Vegas Review Journal.
Locals know that the viewpoints are opposite on many issues, that the Sun pioneered on-line journalism in Nevada and that it has won awards, including at least one Pulitzer Prize.
Now, it appears, the owners of the Las Vegas Review Journal are ready to make this a one newpaper and one point of view town.
This does impact those who get their news on-line as it will mean fewer reporters and fewer points of view on local, state and regional issues, and more importantly on election coverage.
The story below is from NBC News...

-Art Lynch

LAS VEGAS (KSNV & MyNews3) -- There is a fight brewing to keep the Las Vegas Sun out of the hands of the Review-Journal. One of the Sun's owners is going to federal court to keep his paper running. News 3's Jeff Gillan joins us with that story.
News 3 learned today the Review-Journal is making a move to get control of the paper, which has published here in Las Vegas since 1950.
Since 1989 the R-J and the Sun have operated under what's known as a "joint operating agreement."
Under this deal the R-J printed and distributed the Sun. The Sun, in return, received advertising revenue.
But its reporting and editorial staffs were completely separate. That agreement was supposed to run until 2040.
But we've learned that in June, the R-J proposed ending the agreement.
It would get the Sun and in exchange, the Greenspun family, which owns the Sun, would get the lucrative "" web domain. The Greenspuns have been paying $2.5 million a year to use the domain name.
Three of the Greenspuns support the move, but one doesn't. The one against the move is Brian Greenspun, the Sun's publisher and editor.
“The effort here by the Review-Journal to try to eliminate the joint operating agreement is an effort by them to not only monopolize the business of print news but also to eliminate any kind of opposition in terms of opinions and independent reporting,” said Joe Alioto, the attorney for Brian Greenspun.
Alioto said Greenspun has gone to court to file an injunction to stop the Review-Journal from moving forward.

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