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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hitler and Germany had a major impact on Hollywood in the 1930's, a studios bent over backward to assure a presence in the largest film markets in the world, and access to German made films and stars, once Germany pulled out of a crippling recession.

How does this compare to today's bending over backward by studios to invest in, please and profit from China?

Afterall, the remake of "Red Dawn" was retooled to changed the already filmed enemy from a believable China to North Korea, with all logos and uniforms digitally altered to please the Chinese government. And there are many other examples.

And filmmakers are adding scenes or deleting plots from films they hope to screen in China's rapidly growing film market.

Disney, Universal, Dreakworks and others are all building major studios and theme parks in China and areas controlled by China.

Are we giving up too much of our identity, our independence, to please foreign markets and foreign politicians.

First Published June, 2013

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