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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thoughts on "Ka" death

Two beautifully articulated points by Erica on the recent events in Las Vegas:

"Too many times, I hear people refer to performers as fearless. I've taken to gently correcting them by saying, "We're not fearless, we're brave." We understand the risks, we know that under the bigtop potential disaster lurks behind each corner. We know that winning your astonishment and awe requires a death defying balance of beauty and danger, and we accept it with open eyes and aching joints. We do this with great love and joy for the privilege of entertaining our audience and being a part of their lives. We are not fearless... We are brave... and I will miss my brave friend Sasoun very, very much. I will be forever grateful to have shared so many laughs, moments of sisterhood, and to have overcome so many fears together. All my love to the KÁ family and the sisters of dressing room D. Peace to you my dearest Sarah Guyard Guillot."

"Hey! Media/Internet: My friend Sasoun is a very real person. She is not her death. She was a multi-faceted human being with talents, hopes, ideas, humor, quirks, and lots and lots of very high heels. Many people love her dearly. She is not just a sensationalized news story. How her time here ended is just one moment of a life that had great value in a million other ways.

Did you know this: Shortly before her fall she gave her last cookies to a hungry Mongolian girl between costume changes. She composed and beautifully executed the most elaborate pranks I believe to have occurred in Cirque dressing room history. She once found cork from KÁ's beach scene in her wallet while going through French customs (which I may or may not have put there with Zula Ulambayar). There are two specific garments that would ALWAYS match in her outfit. If you pissed her off, she'd let you know. She loved to sing, but would sometimes get shy about it. She has a French "Circus sister" who has a diamond in her tooth (looking at you Julie Duflos) & they always looked like they were about to cause trouble. She would sometimes knit while dressed as a tattooed spearman and it was funny. She got great joy from teaching kids. She disliked vanilla perfume specifically... unless I've mixed that up with Tuttle... She frequently ate carrots. In the land of girly-ness, she preferred fashion to makeup. Sometimes her English mistakes were epic and were recorded for posterity and posted on the wall. She loved to make fun of me and the rest of our girls, and we deserved it. She was an excellent mother. She was always there when we needed her. Write a story about that, will ya?"

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