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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Skip the boring parts

Someone I respect told me that my blog had too much union stuff in it. Another person complained that it contains non-union and community information. My response to both is, just like someone who may not be interested in sports reading the paper, skip the sport section. Find what you need and use it. Suggest additional information and sources.

I suggest you do what a 12 year old told me to do while I found her reading a very complex and almost college level novel. "Skip the boring parts."

This blog was begun for my students, who are both union and non-union, advanced and complete beginners, community and professional. It is intended to meet their needs while promoting what I believe in, which is the respect talent is due for what it is we create. In some cases that means pay, or benefits. In others artistic achievement, or simply the joy of being a part of something.

Who am I to judge?

I do encourage my students, when they are ready to be professionals, to take the step of joining the unions and fighting for the right of talent to have a chance of making a living. There are too many out there who use, abuse, take advantage of or undervalue our skills, training and talents.

We invest in our crafts with unpaid hours, classes and education we dig deeply into our pockets to achieve, head shots, demonstration tapes, files and reels, web sites, travel and even voluntary contributions to projects and organizations. We invest. Yet there are others who ask us to keep on giving when they can afford to pay, compensate or provide a return on our investment.

That is why we have unions. To protect us from abuse by those who can afford to share in the burdon as well as the rewards.

I also encourage support of, attendance of and promotion of the arts.

And I believe in arts in education, as a key way of teaching us how to be well rounded, creative and open minded citizens and individuals.

So, take it as you like.

Let me know your feedback.

And one more thing...this election will be over in September.  Until then I feel I must campaign for reelection to the National Board of Screen Actors Guild. I owe it to the membership, since I know the value of my relationships with those who can impact the future of our branch and our membership.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Art Lynch

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