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Friday, March 7, 2014

Questions about the Media. Part I

·       Identify five to ten forms of media (note that many fall under other   
        larger categories).

·       How are they used differently? What are the differences?

·       Which has the greatest impact on you?

·       Which has the greatest impact on society?

·       What are the shortcomings of each type of media?

·       What advantages do traditional media have over emerging media 
         and vice versa?

·       When does an emerging media become traditional?

·       What new media might the be in the future?

·       If you are a reporter with access to all forms of media distribution,
which do you choose first to tell a story?

·       Why? How? Target market?

·       Explain how you might have answered this question differently 
        20 years ago.

·       How might you have responded five or ten years ago?

·       How fast are media consumption habits changing?

·       How much of new media is simply a form or flexibility for older media?

·       What is media literacy? 

        Is it important to be media literate? 

        How does one become media literate?

·       Who are the gatekeepers

         Is there a way to circumvent the gatekeepers?

        Do you feel the gatekeeper is still or has ever been necessary in media?

·       What areas of media are you most interested in?

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