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Thursday, June 20, 2013

News, Notes, Links for Friday June 20, 2013

Hollywood Fights L.A. Bike Lane: 'It Just Ruins the Shoot' [HR]
Hollywood Reporter
By Gary Baum
An industry standoff is brewing over a bright green bike lane in downtown Los Angeles.
The Historic Core neighborhood is one of the most frequently filmed in California, often standing in for New York.

Actor James Gandolfini dead at 51
ABC 10

By Un-credited
Actor James Gandolfini, who rocketed to stardom with his Emmy-winning portrayal of a New Jersey mob boss on HBO's hit drama "The Sopranos," died Wednesday of an apparent heart attack while vacationing in Italy. He was 51.

The Trajectory of Television—Internet rebellion and hardware renaissance
ARS Technica

By Casey Johnston
Though television has existed for well under a century, its mark on culture and society is indelible and undeniable. Last week, we described how TV got to where it is today: by traveling a winding road of antennas, black and white broadcasts, news and game shows, broadcast formats, reels, and remotes.

Royalties Aren't Preventing Pandora from Achieving Profitability, Report Finds...
June 18 – Digital Music News

By Paul Resnikoff
This is a critical point that keeps coming up about Pandora, a company whose pursuit of lowered royalties is now becoming obsessive.  According to a comparative research report released today by economist Jeffrey Eisenach, Pandora's royalty rates are completely reasonable — and oftentimes lower — than other retailers that purchase and repackage materials from other producers.     

Radio’s rosiest of 2013 forecasts stands pat.
Inside Radio

By Un-credited
Like a biannual checkup, the ad forecasters are giving their 2013 prognostications a mid-year once over.  The latest to issue an update is ZenithOptimedia and it still pegs radio with an expected 3% increase in year-over-year revenue. 

Nielsen: Second screens transforming viewing
Advanced Television

By Un-credited
Mobile devices are becoming an increasingly common part of our daily TV routines. According to a Nielsen survey of connected device owners, nearly half of smartphone owners (46 per cent) and tablet owners (43 per cent) said they use their devices as second screens while watching TV every day.

Public Knowledge: Broadcasters Should Be Free From Content Regs
Broadcasting & Cable

By John Eggerton
"Whatever the future of broadcasting might be, there is no question that broadcasters have the same First Amendment rights as other speakers." That was the message to the FCC from Public Knowledge, TechFreedom, Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Center for Democracy & Technology in comments filed at the FCC.

Univision, 'Variety' Team For Original Content
Media Post

By Erik Sass
Reflecting the growing size and importance of the U.S. Hispanic market, TV broadcasters have been moving to increase their original content offerings in recent months. The latest addition comes from Univision News, which has teamed with Penske Media, owner of Variety, to create a new short-form entertainment video feature for Univision’s “Primer Impacto” (First Impact) called “Variety en Primer Impacto."

How European Public Broadcasters' Cash Crunch Affects Hollywood
Hollywood Reporter

By Scott Roxborough
The fate of Greek's ERT is still uncertain, while state-backed networks across Europe are slashing budgets and cutting back on Hollywood fare. Athens is a long way from Hollywood, so when the cash-strapped Greek government decided to shut down its national public broadcaster, the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation or ERT, it sparked huge local protests, while the news barely registered in Tinseltown. 

Song Downloads Remain 'Down 3 Percent' In 2013...
Digital Music News

By Paul Resnikoff
In March, this could be written off as a blip. In late-June, it looks more like an unmistakeable trend: according to preliminary, year-over-year data shared by a major label source, song download sales are down by roughly 3 percent in the US. 

White House Issues New Plan to Curb Piracy
Daily Variety

By Ted Johnson

The White House will encourage search engines, cyberlockers and domain name registrars to come up with voluntary agreements with Hollywood and other industries to curb online piracy of movies, TV shows and music, as the prospects for future significant anti-infringement legislation on Capitol Hill have stalled.

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