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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Media and Culture News Links 6/30/2013

News, Views, Links

DGA Leader a Rare Win for Hollywood Diversity (Analysis)
Hollywood Reporter

By Jonathan Handel
The first person of color to lead the Directors Guild -- as well as its first openly gay president -- joins a small but growing club of executives like Warner Bros.' Kevin Tsujihara, SAG-AFTRA's David White, CAA's Bryan Lourd and NBC's Bob Greenblatt.

Popular New York Recording Studio Facing Labor Lawsuit
Hollywood Reporter

By Eriq Gardner
A former employee brings a class action lawsuit against Chung King Studios for exploiting cheap labor.Justin Henry's internship allegedly didn't going well.

Tax Lawyer: Hollywood Needs Federal Incentives Now
Hollywood Reporter

By Schuyler M. Moore
When states compete for film and TV productions, writes author and practicing attorney Schuyler M. Moore for THR, everyone loses -- and the U.S. is at risk of more shoots fleeing to foreign shores.

What to Expect From the Next FCC Chairman (Analysis)
Hollywood Reporter

By Alex Ben Block
Partisan maneuvering could delay Obama-nominee Thomas Wheeler's confirmation by months, but the 67-year-old's experience and views have been praised by both sides of the aisle.

Amazon Studios Seeking Concept Videos
June 27 – Daily Variety

By Dave McNary
Amazon Studios is adding an option for its content development arm to include short concept videos for possible development. The three-year-old studio will begin on Thursday to accept “concept videos” as a way to submit an idea for a commercial theatrical feature film. 

More of the Same on TV: Broadcasters Think Inside the Box
Daily Variety

By Brian Lowry
Not long ago, a producer privately insisted that the major networks were fast approaching a state of panic. Their audience is steadily dwindling, with new technologies encroaching on the ad sales model, shaking their business to its very foundations.

Pandora's Westergren Weighs In On Royalties

By Un-credited
So far this week, the members of Pink Floyd and Cracker/Camper Van Beethovan frontman David Lowery have publicly ripped Pandora for its royalty rates. On Wednesday, Pandora issued a response to the allegations, and musicFIRST weighed in as well.

Photo agencies put focus on radio
Inside Radio

By Un-credited
The moral of this story is watch closely which photos are placed on station websites.  In the past week Midwest Communications and Clear Channel were the latest radio groups to be hit with lawsuits by National Photo Group for alleged copyright infringement of its pictures on station websites.  

CNN Radio lives on — in Spanish.
Inside Radio

By Un-credited
While CNN abruptly shut down the remaining remnants of its English-language radio news operation this week, CNN en Espanol Radio is alive and well.  In fact it’s expected Stardome Media Group will expand its offerings under the CNN banner in the coming months.

TV Everywhere Reaches 45% of Homes, Cord-Cutting Still Not Major Factor
Media Post

By Daisy Whitney
So is cord-cutting a thing yet?
That’s been the debate for the last few years.

Time Warner, Dish, Take 2 Opposite Approaches To Television Viewer Ad-Skipping
June 28–Media Post

By John R. Osborn
I’m angry. I’m an angry customer of Time Warner Cable because, without warning or explanation, my longtime television provider has removed the automatic “jump-back” function that has always existed as part of my DVR subscription.

Aaron Borns Named Head Of Pop / Rock Marketing At RCA

By Un-credited
Aaron Borns has been named Head of Pop / Rock Marketing for RCA Records. Borns previously held the role of SVP of Marketing at RCA.

English radio picks up Hispanic listeners.
Inside Radio

By Un-credited
As the primary driver of U.S. population growth, young Hispanics present a fertile opportunity for radio.  Hispanics who primarily speak English are growing faster than those who mainly speak Spanish, according to Arbitron data.

How Netflix, HBO May Benefit From Illegal Password-Sharing
Daily Variety

By Andrew Wallenstein
There may be good reason HBO and Netflix have professed little concern over customers who lend subscription passwords to those who don’t pay the monthly fees to access their programming.

Yahoo Unlikely to Stay in Hulu Bidding (Exclusive)
Daily Variety

By Rachel Abrams
When the short list of bidders for Hulu emerges next week, Yahoo is not expected to be among them. Yahoo’s initial bid for Hulu has been described as low, according to one individual with knowledge of the negotiations. 

Court Sends Man to Jail as Spain Steps up Battle Against Piracy
Hollywood Reporter

By Pamela Rolfe
It sentenced the administrator of three web sites linking to pirated content to more than a year and a half in jail. MADRID - A court in the Spanish city of Valencia on Friday sentenced the administrator of three web sites linking to pirated content to more than a year and a half in jail. 

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