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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Has the Internet created a less informed society 

or a more informed society?

Consider the false information that spreads like a cancer over chat lines, specialized so called .orgs with very specific and take no prisoners agendas, the creation of insulated sources where anyone can read only what they already believe or want to believe, and a polarization of perceptions of truth, reality and politics that results.

Consider how fast information travels and how very little, if any, research and lag time exist between an event, a written statement or communication and its wide spread distribution/

Consider how few people check sources, research both sides, study history and events 
that may have led to current beliefs and affairs and in general bother to take the time to really understand an issue.

How many people believe reality TV is real?  How many believe that a picture is proof? How many believe that quotes on Facebook or even blogs like this one are accurate?

A large amount of quickly accessible information does not make for an informed society. An informed society reads, listens, understands all side to and issue and take what they then conclude is the best course of action.

With a wealth of academic sources, primary sources and diverse opinions on the web, 
how many people take the time to use them as tools for knowledge?

And above all, how can a society that attacks, uses foul language, has strong racist or sexist tendencies be truly seen as more informed now that their beliefs can be put on 
the fast track and those who agree with them can provide almost instantaneous support and affirmation?

-Art Lynch

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