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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Communication and English are not the same thing.

We speak and often write different then what English teachers would have as "perfect" spelling or grammar.

Language is fluid and transforming, not stock rules and set in stone examples.

Still, formal writing commands use of the rules to make it the most accessible to those who seek formal material.

A blog is fluid and more conversational. It flows, flaws and all, as would a spoken communication.

Communication also involved all of your senses, context, situation and your thoughts at the time. Communication is in movement, color, sound, sight, smell, touch, and internal feelings. Words can explain or elicit these, but they cannot replace them.

To those who say I "claim to be a professor" I have a PhD in Education, Masters in Communication, over 14 years college teaching experience, have been not only published, but paid to be published. I am a thesis short of an MA in theater, with considerable progress toward a second doctorate in Public Affairs.

I am also an actor, public speaker, teacher, coach and observer of the world.

Sounds pompous. I know.

But I never have claimed to be an English major, a good speller or a subscriber to the rules that there is only one way to write and think.

I believe in the potential of everyone, and their right to reach their potential with the skills that God gave them rather than being shot down by closed minded individuals who put them into boxes and reject them for the tiniest of reasons, the pettiest of disagreements, the closed mindedness of black and white thinkers.

-Art LYnch

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