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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Gun Debate and World Wide Media, Goolge and Anonymous

ON THE MEDIA: Gun Anecdotes, What To Know about the Avian Flu, and Grindr.

Since the Sandy Hook shootings, gun violence anecdotes have been the centerpiece of much of the reporting about guns. OTM asks if there's a better way. Also, who to listen to about the new avian flu and everything you need to know about Grindr.

Why We Might be Telling the Wrong Stories in the Gun Debate

As the Senate debates gun control for the first time in decades, we’re awash in stories we might never have heard but for Newtown. Brooke speaks with New York Times op-ed writer Joe Nocera, who's tracking gun violence daily on his blog The Gun Report. And Bob speaks with reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg about why we're stuck with anecdotes instead of data in the gun discussion.

Lúnasa - Killarney Boys Of Pleasure

Reporting Global Health Epidemics In A Wired World

In China, a new form of avian flu, called H7N9, has killed 10 people and infected an additional 28.  China’s gotten plaudits from the global health community for its transparency and responsiveness to this outbreak. But that's partly because many remember how China lied about SARS in 2002, a decision that killed hundreds. Public health reporter Maryn McKenna talks to Bob about what the standards are for reporting health epidemics in a wired world.

Bonobo - Cirrus

Can A Small Search Engine Take On Google?

Duck Duck Go is a small search engine based in Pennsylvania that is, according to Google at least, a Google competitor. OTM producer Chris Neary talks with Duck Duck Go founder Gabriel Weinberg, SearchEngineLand's Danny Sullivan, and a dedicated Duck Duck Go user about the site. Also, each of the OTM producers try Duck Duck Go, and only Duck Duck Go, for a week.

Theme from I Dream of Jeannie

Meet Grindr: A Gaydar in Every Pocket

Grindr is a phone app that allows gay men to find other users based on their proximity. Brooke speaks with Jaime Woo, author of Meet Grindr: How One App changed the Way We Connect about the app's effect on our understanding of privacy.

Joel Simkhai, Grindr-in-Chief

Brooke talks to Grindr founder Joel Simkhai about what inspired the app and how it manages to make money.

A Casual, Anonymous Interview

OTM producer Doug Anderson fires up Grindr and meets up with another guy for a casual, anonymous...interview.

Fred Astair - I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket

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