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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Texas Critical Thinking

Ideology of any stripe is the enemy of critical thinking, as this writer points out it really is about how you think more than what you think. The writer does a decent job of explaining why critical thinking is important.  brief summary of responses to another commentators viewss follows...this is a left wing view but balances out in the end

"Unfortunately an absence of critical thought is not limited to fundamentalist believers"
That's right. Don't confuse method with content.
Extremism, or Fundamentalism, or Idealism/Ideology, no matter which way they are oriented, share the same problem, that is, they obscure the real world from their followers. They are characterized by rigid belief in a narrow band of "facts", backed up by a limited "logic" that neatly conforms to those "facts" and rejects any countervailing argument.
From over here on the Left, it's obvious when we see RightWingers and NeoCons engaging in it. It's a lot harder for Lefties to recognize the same trait on our side, but it exists in spades!
You want to see funny? Watch a wRongPaulie go at it with a Nadirite. Both of them absolutely believe that they have the whole unadulterated truth and EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG! It's a slam-fest. All nuance, all shades of grey are thrown right out the window in the first round and it proceeds into gibberish and coded buzzphrases from there.
The worst part of this extremist tendency is that it makes real exploration of ideas impossible. If you can't re-examine your beliefs in light of new information, if you, out-of-hand, reject new information because it conflicts with what you think you know, if you twist new information to fit your narrow worldview and match your preconceived notions, you end up taking a hardened position and defending it like a bunker.
And so you never learn anything new.
"...genuinely considers the pros and the cons-- including the perspectives provided by faith and theology--and concludes that the theory of evolution is weaker than mainstream scientists would have people believe..."
But here's a problem. Evolution is science. Thousands of people have done real research trying to find the flaws in the theory and based in actual evidence, they haven't yet been able to break it. Faith and Theology are not evidence based, they are not science. To introduce Faith to scientific method debases both of them.
Faith is believing the impossible, Science is exploring what is real. Sometimes Faith can work as metaphor for real events and phenomena, but it is not literal, any more than it serves as accurate history

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