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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Filming text messages.

The revolution in communicating via text, often on tiny phone screens, is presenting filmmakers with a huge challenge: How do you show it on the big screen? From Gordon Gekko and his brick phone to “You’ve Got Mail,” the first Hollywood movie to tackle internet romance, filmmakers have tried to show people communicating in modern ways without boring the audience. 
As technology changes the way we all communicate, movie and TV producers are having to figure out how to make watching people text look exciting. The Wall Street Journal looks at how Hollywood is wrestling with the switch from "talkies to texties." I suggest looking at the scene in "All the President's Men" where Woodward and Bernstein are typing notes to each other because they fear they are being bugged.

By Joe Flint
Los Angeles Times

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In movies today, they are showing people texting more and more. Older movies showed people talking on the phone, and now when people are talking it focuses in on the phone and shows wat the texted someone else. It seems like it would be alot easier to just have to the actors say it instead of having the audience read all these text messages.