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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What Hollywood Doesn't get about religion

'The Bible' Is A Smash, On TV

Audio for this story from NPR's  Weekend Edition Sunday is available by clicking here.

The Bible is a hit television series currently showing on The History Channel. Some industry insiders are surprised by its popularity. Host Rachel Martin speaks with Time Magazine's culture critic James Poniewozik about what Hollywood doesn't get about the popularity of religion on TV.

What is religion?

Does it have a place in secular society?

Should media reflect how we really live?

If so, what about swearing? Sex and other things currently limited on television?

How do stories and myths tell us about us today? Do they still matter? What messages are we going to receive? Will it be what was intended by the original story tellers?

Can a show like "The Walton's" or "Touched by an Angel" succeed today?


N186P said...

I think these shows thrive in todays societies. Churches are some of the most powerful "businesses" and make more money than a lot of corporations. If media reflected how people lived today, than all it would be is swering, sex and drugs. But when you think about it thats all it really is any way. 10 years ago, songs, movies, and shows could barely say damn, crap and hell with out viewers getting angry. Now songs on the radio and shows say more swearing than every before.

Anonymous said...

My views were different but after reading N186P post, I agree with everything that was written. Well said.