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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Robo Calls on Politics long after election pissing you off?

The election was in November.

The American people spoke.

In Nevada, as a swing state, we had more than enough political commercials, candidates at our doors and robo-calls to last a life time.

Why am I getting robo-calls from the Conservative Majority and other groups interrupting meals, work time at my computer, rehearsal and other key things in life. There are enough distractions. All these calls do it make me more mad and less open to their very hate filled and inflammatory accusations.

 Also...someone teach them that Obama-care and bama that are fallacies of communication and false rhetorical reasoning. Humanizing only polarizes and does nothing more than that. 

Talk issues not attack.

Treat me as having my own brain.

And stop interrupting my life!

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