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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Racial Diversity in Religon

If you exclude Roman Catholic, 9 out of ten Christian Churches have little to no racial diversity. The tendency to gather with those of like race and worship has not changed significantly since the days of  Dr. Martin Luther King.

This is a national statistic, so areas of high diversity where residents intermingle in larger numbers may not reflect this average.

One theory is that movies and television reinforce this lack of diversity through their portrayal of black, white and even Korean churches. Or do movies and TV reflect the reality of people's much deeper bias and desire to be with those they perceive as like the?


Anonymous said...

I think that racism has turned around so much from many years ago. I honestly think that white people are more discriminated against then blacks, or mexicans. Mexicans cane get a "Brown Pride' tattoo and black people can get a "Black pride' tattoo but is a white person got a "white pride" tattoo that would be so racist and people would hate him.
Another example is Tyle Perry. Look how many movies Tyler Perry has made that include all black casts.and these films are huge successes. All of his movies barely include a white person in them.
If a director was filming all white films with absolutely not black people, it would be very racist and would be protested against and that director would be sued.


Anonymous said...

I believe that movies and television reflect the biases and desires of people. In my opinion and from personal observation, people flock to their own races because they can relate.

Anonymous said...

I agree with K186F people do flock to their own races because they can relate.