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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Have you noticed how your computer has become intrusive?

How about your phone?

Your iPad?

A constant stream of beeps, tones, flashing, buzzing...

Intrusive messages flash across your screen with reminders, e-mail summaries, logos, ads.

And we let it.

We sit there and just get use to it, convincing ourselves we want it or need it.

It started with banner ads on web sites, then tiny bugs on TV and now full banners with animation distracting from whatever you are watching.

Not nothing is immune from phone to computer to signage on subways and at the mall.

All calling for your attention 24/7, if you forget to turn them off.

How and why did we allow this to happen?

Studied have shown that the new barrage of information and messages has led to stress, attention span decrease, decrease in work productivity and even heart attack.

Yet we let it happen and welcome the next barrage, the next new idea.


(My latest is Xmarks reminders that keep popping up and seem to never go away, help systems that let you read letters from others who are lost and trying to figure out what you are instead of talking to an expert who can talk yo through solving it, and even more of your time stolen and stress increased by people out to make a buck off of you and nothing more)

1 comment:

N186P said...

I havent really thought about this for a while, but this made me aware of how many ads there actually are. In every App i have on my phones, there are ads on the bottom, every facebook page has ads on the sides, including every single website you go to there are ads that are distracting to a reader. On TV there are more ads then actual shows. More selling programs then ever, and they are on all the time. in a 30 minute program, it is almost half of ads and a little more than half the actual show!