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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Differing Statistics Make A Difference: Clark County still short of 2 million residents

The U.S. Census Bureau reported last week that the county’s population topped 2 million. But state Demographer Jeff Hardcastle, in his latest official population report, found Clark County’s population as of July 1 was 1,988,195.
You think that what the state says doesn’t matter because the Census Bureau represents the federal government and therefore is more important?
Well, remember this: Hardcastle makes the official state population estimates and his numbers are used in the distribution of state taxes to local governments. That means the money goes with his estimates.
Nevada’s total population was 2,750,217 in July, according to the demographer.
Every 10 years Hardcastle must adjust his estimates to fit the census, but in the other years his numbers are gospel.
Hardcastle said Wednesday he thinks his 2012 estimate is closer to the real number because the Census Bureau calculates that 11,827 people moved to Nevada from other states in 2012 and another 7,541 from foreign countries, including undocumented people.
“I don’t see the job growth to support that kind of international increase, let alone the domestic increase,” he said.
The demographer’s latest estimates also show Reno has passed North Las Vegas in population and returned to its position as the third largest city in Nevada. Hardcastle figures that the two cities in coming years will be bouncing back and forth between the third spot.
Here is Nevada’s top 10 city list:
—Las Vegas, 589,156
—Henderson, 266,846

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