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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

18 to 49...seniors expendable for media and society media reflects?

What happened to our society's respect for elders. Television and films both count you as dead over 49 as they chase younger audiences, comedy sharp with disrespect, fewer seniors living with their families and experienced workers in their 40's and up being pushed out for lower paid young turks...How will this change our society? Or is it too late?


Kati said...

I think the media not taking elders really into consideration isn't really good. I know in my family, most of the people who spend time watching TV is the older ones, grandparents, parents ect.. Most young people should be spending their time in school and working rather than watching TV, that's what i see from my peers.

Anonymous said...

I think that television and film count elders as dead and have no respect for them is for two reasons: money and silence of the elders. First, older groups do not spend money as often as younger groups do and the entertainment industry is a business,they want to make a profit. True, we buy movies but I believe these companies make most of their money from advertisers. Secondly, in my opinion, our society is rapidly losing morals and ethical values. There are a lot of people who only watch television as a leisure activity and most of our television programs lack intellectual substance. I feel that the less educated a person is, the less power they possess. The more a person is ignorant the easier it is for the person to be controlled. I believe most elders see what is going on, but most of then do not stand up for what is right, so why should society respect them? Should we respect them because they have been eating and defecating for 50 plus years? I think not. Respect is earned.

Anonymous said...

Does marketing and advertising mean that senors have not money or do not count? A large segment of seniors are downsizing and using the money they save to enjoy their lives. They also have increased expenses in terms of housing, food, medical, gas and everything else, just like younger people. It is shame real talent and shows with the intellectual challenge older people want do not do well with most younger audiences, at least the "mass" they go after in "mass" media.

N186P said...

I was wondering the same thing recently. I was raised to have a lot of respect for my elders, and to treat them with more respect than anyone. I still do treat them with the respect they deserve but i do not think the majority does any more. Its a shame to see the really old people who still have to work when they can barely walk on their own.


K186T said...

media should always take the elders in to consideration because they weren here before us. Elders have a lot of knowledge to spread to others, but if they do so then other secrets will be exposed to the world that they do not want the modern age era to know. Respecting your elders is always important but these days people cant respect themselves so what makes you think they will respect anyone befor them? K186T