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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Anonymous said...

I definately agree with this quote. Unfortunately many of the children now a days lack the love of reading.

Anonymous said...

Colleen RT

I'm in total agreement. I just wish our current generation had the love of reading past generations possessed.

Jason S. said...

I agree, but I would say it is more important about learning to think over topics and ideas than actually reading the books; but the concept is the same.

Eric Raba said...

Very well said by a very intelligent man. Government is too caught up in the bottom line, and tend to forget the end results.

Anonymous said...

LOK COM 131 PTA Program

Wow, I definitely agree with this quote. I've been looking for something profound to say to summarize everything that I have been mentioning about students and this quote takes the cake.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, many of the younger generation will never set foot inside a library and if they do they will not know how to find a book with a note card that says "isle 52, row 3"