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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adult Education is not spoon fed, you have to work at it.

Program In middle school all the way up to high school I was spoon fed the materials taught in class. I did not have any study habits or routines. I just breezed through everything. When I attended UNLV, I was not spoon fed anything. I had to learn the hard way. I had to read textbooks and power point presentations. When the teachers didn't pass out a review exam (which had the exact same questions on the actual exam) I looked around like what is this?? I literally had to learn how to study in a matter of weeks. So it is better to just learn and think for yourselves. When you go into your career no one is just going to give you the answers, you need to figure it out. LOK on Socratic Backfire?
-From a student


Jenny M said...

Its obvious school was easier for most of us back when we were little than it is on a college level. It is not good to be spoon fed any type of education because of the reason they mentioned, having to learn how to study when you are already at the college level. This can make college a lot harder if you are not already used to it.
-Jenny Miller

Eric Raba said...

This is good advice. You have to learn to do things for yourself, and for some, that is more of a shock than for others.

Anonymous said...

you need to take control and ownership of your education. take pride in what you are learning because nobody can ever take that away from you.

there should be some middle ground, where teachers should really care about the success of their students.