Anyone want to buy a newspaper? How about a TV station? Or maybe you’re more of a web fan, in which case might interest you. Either way, if you’re a media mogul with deep pockets, The Tribune Company has something for you.
The company has just emerged from bankruptcy with a new board, and they’re planning a fire sale.According to the Chicago Tribune, the Tribune Company wants to sell its eight newspapers, 23 TV stations and various sites, like Career Builder.
The papers — which include heavyweights like the Tribune and The Los Angeles Times — are only valued at about $623 million total. The TV stations and web properties — including WPIX and national cable channel WGN — are worth much more; at about $2.85 billion.
Somewhere, Rupert MurdochMichael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett are counting up the change in their respective piggy banks.

The Chicago Tribune company, later shortened to Tribune Corporation, may continue without the Chicago Tribune, WGN, its Los Angeles Times and all other media holdings, focusing on media ownership and production. As on New Years Eve Tribune emerged from four years of bankruptcy, with a board populated with a who's who of Hollywood and the Silicon Valley, a clear reflection in the shift from the era of eastern newspaper magnets to California and the entertainment media can be drawn.