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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Speaking in Public

A.     Objectives
1.     Understand the value of a course in public speaking and applications in students life of the communication model
2.     Understand the long tradition of communication studies
3.     Identify the major similarities and differences between public speaking and everyday conversation (interpersonal communication)
4.     Understand that nervousness is normal, and even desirable
5.     Investigate methods of using or controlling nerves, making it work for you as a speaker
6.     Understand the elements of the communication process and how to use them in everyday life
7.     Understand to adapt to and grow stronger from cultural diversity
8.     Understand ethnocentrism, when to use it and how to avoid it

B.     Public Speaking is vital
1.     Spreading, using and resolving ideas, influence and knowledge
2.     Public speaking touches everyone and every aspect of life
a.     Helps gain success in every aspect of life
b.     Vital as a means of civic engagement
c.      Can be a form of empowerment
d.   Influences and can even control opinion and actions
e.   Helps advancement at work, in religious and other communities
f.   Builds your own credibility (Ethos).
C.     Power
1.     Career advancement, understanding communication is a key resource
2.     Career advancement, being able to speak to groups is a key asset.
3.     Understanding and using Communication will lead to improvement in:
a.     Grades, Academics
b.     Success (Money and otherwise)
c.      Understanding others and the world around you
d.     Marketing and being marketed or sold to
e.     Civic Responsibility (more later)
4.     Skills
a.     Organizing thoughts
b.     Tailoring message to the audience
c.      Response to and adapting to feedback
d.     Seeking Maximum Impact
5.     Differences from one on one interpersonal communication
a.     Public Speaking is structured
b.     Public Speaking requires more formal language
1.     Appropriate to audience
2.     Best to communicate complete concepts and ideas
3.     You are being judged by listeners
4.     Your ethos is directly involved in communication (more later)

Local advice on how to navigate social chat this holiday season...

Social experts offer a few talking points for yuletide parties

It's December, a month associated with song, celebration and small talk with people you never even knew existed. And for that last bit, thank the holiday party which sometimes can feel like a verbal minefield. Click here to read this story on interpersonal and group communication over the holidays in today's Las Vegas Review Journal... Click on title for specific story.

Will there ever be job security again?

Is Temporary Labor the New Permanent?

Is Temporary Labor the New Permanent?
Temporary employment is on the rise, and may become a much larger feature of the recovering economy. We look at the potential consequences, which may be very different for blue-collar workers than they are for professionals or in the executive suites. Also, Kofi Annan steps down as UN Envoy to Syria, and the current Congress is called the least productive in memory because of partisan gridlock.  What's in store for next year?

The reality is that employers are no longer loyal except to their own survival and profits. Workers are now in a position to be poor while working their lives away for minimum or low wages, or for traditional wages with zero job security or benefits. Or worse, having to take the time and money to go to small claims court just to get paid.

Labor unions, which traditionally protected workers, have been systematically dismantled, attacked and made to look like villains. Management, for reasons of survival or to keep shareholders happy, are vested in villainizing and eliminating unions and any potential of temporary or part time workers unionizing.

Will we ever have a middle class again? The temporary labor market and its rapid growth may be contributing to the loss of the middle class, while contributing to company and corporate bottom lines.

The number one problem appears to be the lack of health insurance and health care.

Next is being able to have a place to live, a reliable vehicle and food in the table.

What was once a building for your children mindset is now survival mode.

The recession is not the reason for the increase in temp workers. It began in the 1980's with the decline of unions and increase in corporate profit mentality as the American Way. The recession did increase the pace and the range (many more highly skilled and older workers are now temporary workers not of their own choosing).

Banner image: Labor Ready office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Photo by oddsandwich/flickr

Main Topic

Is Temporary Employment the New Normal?

It used to be axiomatic that a rise in temporary employment was a sign of economic recovery and that permanent hiring would not be far behind. In recent months, temporary hiring is on the rise, but the old pattern does not seem to be holding. More temps are being hired and they're being kept longer, but fewer employers are making them permanent. So there's flexibility for the employers, but instability for the employees. Temps are now being hired for high-skilled professions -- from engineering to finance to information technology — even at the executive level. Will temporary work be a permanent feature of the new economy?  Will some workers choose nomadic careers while others struggle to fend for themselves?


Reporter's Notebook

The New Politics of Extremism

Ohio's long-time Republican Congressman Steven LaTourette has resigned just three months before he was scheduled to stand for re-election.  In Texas, Tea-Party candidate Ted Cruz has won an upset victory to become the Republican nominee for the US Senate.  What do those two events tell us about the next session of Congress? Norman Ornstein is a congressional scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. He's co-author with Thomas Mann of the new book, It's Even Worse than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided with the New Politics of Extremism.


Making News

Kofi Annan Steps Down as UN Envoy to Syria 

After 17 months, one of the world's most seasoned diplomats has failed to achieve even a ceasefire between the al-Assad government and rebel forces in Syria. Kofi Annan has submitted his resignation as special representative for the UN and the Arab League. Colum Lynch is UN correspondent for the Washington Post and Turtle Bay blogger for Foreign Policy magazine.


Anaïs Mitchell - Hadestown (A Folk Opera)

ad libbing for a tiny audience, best experience in years!

I have been portraying Boulder Dam Project Engineer Frank Crowe for several months now. But today was a first. The Boulder City campus of the College of Southern Nevada was set up with talking “men” and high scalar mannequins, the sounds of construction playing over hidden speakers. Inside photos, posters, maps and a series of stations for guest to walk through. There were the games children played, a demonstration of how laundry was done during the Great Depression, a model of how the bypass dams worked to reroute the river and make it possible to divert the mighty Colorado River leaving the canyon dry enough to dig deep and build what at the time was the worlds tallest dam and larges concrete construction project in history. Children were able to practice hauling water from “the river” to water buckets and a lean-to tent house was simulated, complete with talking graying father, children and a barking dog. My voice over student James Campbell used a remote microphone with special attachments to make the old guy talk and interactively with my character and with the guests.

What made today unique was the audience. First through third graders eager to have fun and loving every minute of their “field trip,” filed early through the exhibits and sat on the floor eating up every word I had to say. My monologue, one man show and even the interactive conversations I have with adults when I portray Crowe went out the window, as the conversation became about a black lab whose real name is no longer PC (his grave was paved over a few years back by the Park Service due to complaints from visitors who did not understand that his name was “black” in Spanish). I also led a conversation and question and answer between the kids and the talking old man machine. You should have seen their eyes.

It brought me back to my years of doing children’s theater, with Rainbow Company here in Las Vegas, with traveling theater in the Rockies and back in Chicago. I remember having adults remember me as the world’s tallest Rumplestiltskin back when they were kids. I still have young adults call me “Wayland” after the Viking Wayland in “Waylands Sword” at Rainbow Company. Surprisingly when I am playing a character my six foot four, 270 plus size does not intimate even the smallest smiling face. It felt good.

On to performances for older kids, adults and the hardest test, for surviving actual 31ers who worked on the dam and their descendants.

Published Wednesday October 7, 2009

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