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Friday, November 9, 2012

Superstorm Sandy Emergency Assistance Fund


What happened to education and the mission of community colleges?

California has a community college task force that would "turn the colleges into certificate-production machines rather than true institutions of higher learning." It turns out Nevada isn't the only one with idiots making idiotic suggestions for community colleges!
Until a few years ago, just about any Californian could attend a community college, and many did. The colleges offered a wide variety of options: They conferred two-year associate's degrees; prepared students for junior-year transfer to a four-year college; provided vocational training and certifica...

First published 1/9/19

History Buff. My friend Rob's blog is well respected in his field.

I just posted Episode Nine titled "A Caesar By Any Other Name is still a Caesar." This episode features Mark Schauss of the podcast RUSSIAN RULERS HISTORY. He makes a brilliant case of connections between the Czars and the Caesars. It is on the blog and itunes. William...I posted your phone call and emails as well on the ninth. James A. Bretney calls in as well. James is going to be featured on a later show. There is a third phone in but the person did not leave their name. He is more than welcome to call in again, and thanks for the question.

If you have not been to the Grand Canyon...

Obama wins his mandate! Now let's move forward.

And Obama received the highest percentage of reelection votes for any Democrat since FDR. Add gains in the Senate when most seats "at risk" were Democratic, and I would say there was, despite what  Faux News may say, a mandate. Now will the "just say no" party work with our president to move this nation forward?  -Art Lynch (apologies for the political, but have to celebrate a little).

That's all, folks. Your final 2012 electoral map. Full results here:

Disney buys Star Wars...Time for a visit from the Doctor

Rhetorical Fallicies

From student Danielle Nunez