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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Be Absurd. Be Crazy. Dare to Dream.

Sometimes it pays to not make sense, to explore the whimsical, discover the totally absurd. The New York Times article above explores how going off the beaten track can lead to new discoveries, new ways of doing things or just refresh you to tackle what you need to tackle.

First Posted October 9, 2009

Slavery, Poverty, and the World Today

In 2004 thee were 60,000 slaves in the world, more than any time in history, and far more than in the 18 th and 19th century. That number is estimated to be over 100,000 today.

The number living in some form of povery in the world is in excess of five billion.

The percent at the legal poverty level in the US is over 35%.

Each year over 120 slavery rings are broken up in the US alone.

The growth of slavery, piracy, and poverty in the world parrells the growth of international business and the prosperity of both international and American business and and shareholders.

Which political party is fighting for the rights of the oppressed, here and abroad?

Which party puts humanity above profit?

Simple to answer.

Passive versus Active Learning


A difference in civility.

Watching TV and listening to post-election coverage I hear "boos" for Democrats who did win at Republican election night events coast to coast. Meanwhile the Democratic event I was at and others I saw on TV had polite applause for the announcement of Republican victors in offices.

Of course we cheered Harry Reid when he came to the stage to serve another six year representing Nevada in the Senate, entering a difficult time for Democrats, but far from the most difficult of his career in public service.

How can you work with the other party to govern if you "boo"the president or your opposing party? And you would think the party of "business" would have better decorum and respect than has been shown.

Published November 3, 2010