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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Informative Speaking and assorted pre-midterm links

    • Designs or structures: How to organize a speech...

      Categorical: by category. Organize by recognizable groups
      Causation: Organize by probable cause and then proposals
      Chronological: Organize sequentially by time
      Comparative: Compare two or more possible solutions, advocating one
      Sequential: Put in an order the audience can follow and remember
      Spatial: Relationship in space or by size, location, geography
      Motivated Sequence: in order with justification of why it must be in this order
      Problem-Cause-Solution: Establish problem, show probable cause and show why solution works using that probable cause.
      Problem-Solution: Establish a problem, and then show your solution and how it works
      Regulative: Attack alternative solution or solutions
      Stock Issue: Address what you know is on the mind of the audience

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