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Saturday, September 8, 2012

John Wennstrom, Broadcaster

With Cass Robinson Van Gelder and John Wennstrom.

John "the old man" Wennstrom is active in Nevada Theater and Opera. He and his family have been regular over the years. I first met John in the 1970's when he made me Operations Manager of WUIC 88.1 FM Chicago, the radio station of the University of Illinois in Chicago. He later relocated to Las Vegas where he repeated his role of signing on college radio stations, putting KUNV, Las Vegas on the air at the University of Nevada. Las Vegas. He also managed many activities and publications for Jim Feist Sports, including the official order of the betting lines. Best to John, Gayla and his family! And break a leg! Ths photo above is from rehearsal for a recent production by the British National Theatre of America in Nevada.

Star Trek Google Tribute

September 8, 1966 Star Trek premiered NBC

Today Google honors Star Trek with an interactive logo,
including the crewman in red who always dies.
Look for tribble, find out how Ohura really feels,
do battle on the planet surface,
and much more with this interactive Google Logo.

A shout-out to the Google homepage today, for honoring the 46th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek.