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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Google response basically your out of luck! What customer service?

My web site of 7 years, with links on the site, history, and a high google search result, was pulled by Google Sunday morning at 7 AM for "lack of payment." I was never called and never received the e-mail they claim was sent. August 5 was the day it was due so there was no grace period and it was pulled early in the day 

I also need, and I am told it cannot be done, all of the Google links going back 7 years to be routed to ASAP.  The result is this blog will drop significantly in visability and use once it is restored. 

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part I

The London Olympic Summer Games continue for another week. Lots of news and many channels to watch. Just be sure you consider a different viewing option this evening, as scientist hold their breath for a very risky Mars landing. This evening at 10:30 Pacific Time history will be made. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California is mission control for the Mars mission landing tonight. While confidence is height, the history of Mars exploration means that the drama is real, because many missions fail. Reasons include dust, winds, mechanical failures and electrical outages. It's a 2.5 billion gamble on this mission. Of course two Rovers due to die a decade or more ago, are sill reporting data from the surface of Mars.

Tonight at the Olympics, South African Oscar Pistorius runs again in a preliminary heat in the 400 meter sprint.  His first heat Saturday made history because Pistorius has artificial legs.  He's the first double amputee to run an Olympic race.  

50 years ago today Jamaica became an independent democratic country. Jamaican athletes have dedicated this year's participation by the nation to their countries half centennial. Of course for most people Jamaica, whose athletes traditionally do well at many of the summer games, is famous for the first entry ever into the winter games, made famous by a John Candy movie. Yes,everyone "Jamaica has a bobsled team", just not in London's summer games.

Marilyn Monroe died 50 years ago today at the age of 36.  He death may have been suicide or an accidental misuse of prescription drugs and alcohol, but it was almost certainly tied to the depression Norma Jean experienced with her fame and fortune. She had a unique sense of humor, and ability to deliver believable straight lines that allowed he to deliver punch lines and reflect in subtle satire on her own image. Marilyn was very intelligent, using subtext in ways others have to work at, to bring the lines to life. She morphed from Norma Jean into a screen 'trophy' wife/date and sex symbol. Her personality and the way she acted off camera made her lovable to most around her and led to a private life and international image that made you at the same time want to hug her as your baby sister and bed her as a sex symbol of the times. Many film historians, and fans, consider  "Some like it hot" one of the best comic films ever made. She was a serious actor, studying under Lee Strasbourg, the top dance and singing coaches of the day, and was set on making her audience, her fans and the public happy.

 The island of Campobello (CAMP-oh-BELL-oh) has long been a tourist destination for fans of former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. As members of the Greatest Generation pass away, the park is rebranding itself as a destination for nature lovers.   Because of its location on an island off the stat of Maine between the US and Canada, 9-11 also hit the park, followed by the great recession.  The island is a transition between the US and Canada, linked to both by  the Franklin Roosevelt Bridge, opened 50 years ago today. As with more popular US parks, revenue from tourist is down and the continued maintenance of the historic facilities are in danger. Funds for nature preserves have been put to use, using the wide variety of wildlife that calls the island home, or stops by on their migrations. Yes, the bird watching is legendary.

There is a massive political battle going on here in the US, that goes far beyond the presidential race. It's between moderate and conservative Republicans and their increasingly successful far right Tea Party supported opponents. What is at stake is the way we govern, traditional through cooperation, compromise and rhetorical fencing. A "take no prisoners" fixed agenda is threatening the foundation of the Republican Party as well as the nation. The internal civil war is not new. Republicans in Kansas have been at each other's throats for over 20 years. That civil war will come to a head Tuesday in the GOP primary. Governor Sam Brownback is going after moderates who control the state senate and have been the last check on the governor's aggressive conservative agenda. 

 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaigned in Evansville, Indiana, Saturday. President Obama narrowly won the state in 2008, and the Romney campaign is working to win it back,  a battle he feels he can win given recent victories for Republicans in state government and the passage of Right-to-Work in a state that is traditionally both rural and pro-union industrial. Obama was the first Democrat to win Indiana's electoral votes in a very long time. The real battle however, is for the US Senate, where polls show a Democrat has a chance of upsetting a Republican incumbent. A Romney coattail victory for the Republican could half Republicans deny Democrats increased strength in the senate, or to even earn majority control of both houses of the Congress. 

Democrats have an uphill battle to win a second term in the presidency. Polls show that democrats and independents are increasingly saying they will not vote because they are disappointed in the economy and do not trust Republican Mitt Romney. So this year the presidential race may just depend more on getting out the vote than the estimated up to one billion dollars being spend on the presidential race (includes all budgets for the primaries and caucus races).

India's massive power outages last week shocked many people who thought that India was on course to become a new economic super power, akin to the rapid development of China - where outages like this are unheard of. The attitudes toward infrastructure in the two emerging economies.   India, which is the world's most populous democracy, puts social services, dealing with poverty and developing international business ahead of an aging and overused infrastructures. China, which remains a communist top down government, can mandate what the government does, and it makes sure the government is heavily involved in all aspects of society. China has identified a solid infrastructure as essential toward becoming the economic, and they hope political powerhouse of the 21st century. Profits from all companies and corporations in China are shared with the government, giving it an economic power that both India and the United States lack.

Two Swedish economists have studied the survival data from shipwrecks over the last three centuries and found that women are less likely to survive than men. That's despite the standard "women and children first". Three hundred years of data show that the mostly likely to survive are the crews, followed by the officers, then the captain, then "able bodied" men and then women. The gentlemen of the Titanic were an exception, with two thirds of the survivors women and the vast majority passengers.

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part II

Phelps is leaving his  sport with two Olympic  records: 18 golds and 22 medals overall.

Jamaica's50th birthday celebration will have to be put off. Long lines formed at grocery stores in Kingston, Jamaica, ahead of Tropical Storm Ernesto's expected arrival today. People stocked up on drinking water, bread and canned goods.The storm is expected to pass south of the island but the forecast calls for three to six inches of rain. Another tropical storm is swirling far out to sea. At 4 AM Pacific Time Ernesto was about 215 miles southeast of Kingston, with maximum sustained winds of about 50 mph. The National Hurricane Center says little change in strength is expected throughout today, though slow strengthening is expected tomorrow as Ernesto treks across the Caribbean.  Forecasters say Ernesto could still grow into a hurricane in coming days as it continues along a course forecast to take it over the coastal resorts of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula by Wednesday.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will visit Istanbul later this week for talks with Turkish officials over the worsening crisis in Syria. The State Department said Sunday that Clinton would travel to Istanbul for discussions with the Turkish government on Syria as well as other timely issues. The talks are scheduled for Saturday. Clinton is adding the stop in Turkey to her lengthy tour of Africa. She's also added stops in Nigeria and Benin to her Africa trip.

A pan-Arab television station has aired a video purportedly showing Syrian rebels with a group of Iranians abducted a day earlier just outside Damascus.The footage shown Sunday on the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya shows men identified as the Iranians sitting on the ground surrounded by fighters who said they were from the "Baraa Brigades." A rebel claims in the video that the captives include an officer of Iran's Revolutionary Guards and that the group was on a "reconnaissance mission."  Iran's state-run news agency SANA said the 48 abducted Saturday were pilgrims. It said Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi spoke on the phone with Turkish and Qatari foreign ministers and demanded their intervention to help release them.

An Israeli Defense Ministry official confirms the country has upgraded its top-tier Arrow II missile defense system, as it girds for possible attacks from Iran and Syria. The official confirmed Sunday that sensors, command and control equipment and radar have been enhanced to improve reach and accuracy. He did not elaborate and spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss military preparations. Israel has developed a network of air defense systems to parry an array of threats, including the Arrow, a joint project with the U.S. designed to shoot down incoming missiles launched as far away as Iran. Israel regards Iran as its main enemy, and suspects Tehran is building nuclear weapons despite its denials. Israel is also worried about a chemical weapons attack from Syria.

Italy's prime minister says the eurozone's sprawling debt crisis is creating tensions that could ultimately trigger a breakup of the wider European Union.German news magazine Der Spiegel on Sunday quoted Mario Monti as saying in an interview that "the tensions accompanying the eurozone over the past years already bear the signs of a psychological dissolution of Europe." Monti further told the magazine that the euro's disintegration would "destroy the founding of the European project." Seventeen of the EU's 27 nations use the euro currency. Italy, the eurozone's third-largest economy, has been hit hard by rising borrowing cost on its government debt. Monti is lobbying for bolder political steps and help from the European Central Bank to counter the crisis, but some rescue measures are opposed by Germany and others.

Vice President Joe Biden is praising America's veterans for the sacrifices they've made on behalf of their country. While speaking yesterday at the Disabled American Veterans national convention in Las Vegas, Biden said President Barack Obama is committed to making sure that Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans get proper medical treatment and that the administration is working to reduce a backlog of disability claims.

 Mitt Romney raked in more than $1 million at a series of fundraisers in a Reno gated community, drawing a group of protesters who decried the influence of money in politics. The Reno Gazette-Journal reports Romney earned $500,000 alone at a $25,000-a-head luncheon Friday at a home in the upscale Eaglesnest community.

Mitt Romney is calling for "something dramatic" to help the nation's economy. But the Republican presidential contender says in an interview airing on CNN's "State of the Union" that dramatic action doesn't include another federal stimulus package. Romney instead favors the creation of "incentives and opportunities" for businesses - "big and small" - to boost hiring. He says he'll create 12 million jobs in his first term in the White House, as part of the "normal process" of economic recovery. Romney has been slow to release specifics for his economic plans so far. A new campaign television ads is highlighting Romney's recent trip to Israel. In the ad, Romney criticizes President Barack Obama for not visiting the Jewish state. Democrats counter that Romney has yet to release his plan, and his rhetoric supports failed plans that put the country into the great recession. As for the visit to Israel, Obama met with Israeli officials and singed a major cooperation agreement form his desk in Washington while Romney was in Israel


Crazy Smart: When A Rocker Designs A Mars Lander

Adam Steltzner led the NASA team that dreamed up a new way to land on Mars. He's seen here at JPL on Aug. 2 using a scale model to explain how the rover Curiosity will land on the red planet.
Damian Dovarganes/AP Adam Steltzner led the NASA team that dreamed up a new way to land on Mars. He's seen here at JPL on Aug. 2 using a scale model to explain how the rover Curiosity will land on the red planet.

It's called the seven minutes of terror. In just seven minutes, NASA's latest mission to Mars, a new six-wheeled rover called Curiosity, must go from 13,000 mph as it enters the Martian atmosphere to a dead stop on the surface.

During those seven minutes, the rover is on its own. Earth is too far away for radio signals to make it to Mars in time for ground controllers to do anything. Everything in the system known as EDL — for Entry, Descent and Landing — must work perfectly, or Curiosity will not so much land as go splat.

The team that invented the EDL system has spent nearly 10 years together, designing, building, testing, tweaking, retesting and retweaking. Now all they can do is sit and wait to see if their design works.

GALLERY: A 'Crazy' Landing Scheme

Because the new Mars rover is five times heavier than its predecessors, NASA had to come up with a totally new landing system. Here's a step-by-step look at how it is supposed to work.

To continue reading click "read more" below
  • The Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft will approach Mars at 13,000 mph. The entry, descent and landing process has to guide it to a soft landing.

Goodbye Norma Jan and Hello Jamaica!

50 years ago today Jamaica became an independent democratic country, and Marilyn Monroe ended here life, beginning  legacy of Norma Jean.

The end of privacy

The End of Privacy is a four part series which began this afternoon in NRP's All Things Considered. The technologies for collecting data have ended the privacy we once all held dear. But has it? Is the fatalism justified?

Try Put in a search list of your choice and you will find lists of names, addresses, sometimes phone numbers for people who match the list criteria. Medical conditions are prime in the broadband speed of flow of information into the data pool.

Nexis-Lexis remains the largest.

It is all public information we give up freely when we fill out forms, answer questions, purchase merchandise, use the Internet, make phone calls and even by entering schools.

Social networks, resume services, employment services, financial help sites....

We admit more sensitive to "cheesy" web sites set up to seem fun and making it into a game.