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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Discount Tickets to Opening of "Evil Dead The Musical" on the Las Vegas Strip

Sirc Michaels Productions    EVIL DEAD ANNOUNCEMENT

Sirc Michaels Productions to offer contests, early ticket sales, and discounts to FB Fans

We've already announced that EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL will be opening on June 22nd at the V Theater inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

We haven't announced ticket prices yet, because tickets aren't on sale. We anticipate that will change by the end of this coming week.

Once tickets go on sale, there's no telling how fast they will sell out - or what seats might be left after the initial purchases are made.

We will be working with all of the official EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL, and BRUCE CAMPBELL websites to promote the show, and we know people will be coming from all over the globe, but we want to make sure our fans get first crack at the tickets.

Many of you helped us find the success we currently have, and we want to show our appreciation. Therefore, we encourage you to "Like" us on FB. You can find out page here:

On our FaceBook Page, the day tickets go on sale, we will post the news at least an hour before we tell the rest of the world. Also, we intend to give our FB fans a chance to buy heavily discounted (at least 50% off) tickets for opening weekend. This is our way of saying "Thank you". However, to ensure you get the access to the news about tickets and the discount, you need to like us on FB.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you at the show!

Mothers Day Spoof

To:Lynch, Arthur
Subject:Mother's Day Video
I loved this video, because there are people out there who I"m sure are radical enough to beleive this, either way it's a great spoof on Mother's Day, especially the Asian (facial hair) lady.

Editor Note: Interesting they used AFTRA-SAG talent. It's a union spoof.

Nancy Giles on Remembering Mom
You don't have to be a Mom yourself to appreciate what mothers do - or to feel the loss of a mother when that time comes. "Sunday Morning" contributor Nancy Giles shares the love for her late mom.

Mad TV - The Keanu Reeves School of Acting

NBC Broadcasting head no fan of Dish's commercial-skipping device

NBC Broadcasting Chairman Ted Harbert is not a fan of satellite broadcaster Dish Network's new commercial-skipping device, the Auto Hop, which automatically deletes commercials from recorded prime-time programming from the four big broadcast networks.

"I think this is an attack on our eco-system," Harbert said on NBC's conference call announcing the network's 2012-13 prime-time schedule. "I'm not for it."

NBC Broadcasting Chairman Ted HarbertHarbert declined to comment on whether NBC or its parent Comcast Corp. was preparing any sort of legal response to Dish Network Corp.'s new technology. He did say he would have an elaborate message to advertisers and Dish on Monday at Radio City Music Hall when the network presents its fall schedule to advertisers.

Introduced last Thursday, Dish's Auto Hop is a component of Dish's PrimeTime Anytime feature on its digital video recorder service, which is called the Hopper. The Anytime feature automatically records the prime-time programming of CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox and stores the content on a rolling basis for eight days.

Viewers who use the PrimeTime feature can use the Auto Hop to literally black out commercials, provided the programs are watched the day after their original airing. The way it works is that the customer pushes a button and then when a commercial break appears, the screen goes black for a few seconds and then the program returns. The Auto Hop can't be used on live programming such as a sporting event that has been recorded.

Dish, which has more than 14 million subscribers, is already starting to heavily market the device, even tweeting about it.

The broadcast networks have so far stayed mum about the Auto Hop but in the past have expressed great concern about any device that allows consumers to bypass commercials. While digital video recorders allow a viewer to fast-forward through spots, the commercial images still play on the screen, albeit faster. The Auto Hop gets rid of the advertisements altogether.

The Auto Hop is being offered by Dish for use only on broadcast programming, not for shows on cable networks, even though that is technically possible. A Dish spokesman said the reason it is limited to broadcast shows is because those are the shows most frequently recorded by consumers. Whether that decision to offer the device only for a handful of channels provides fodder for a lawsuit will no doubt be revealed in the weeks ahead.

Several years ago, the networks sued over a similar device called Replay TV and won on copyright infringement grounds.

From the LA Times Company Town blog.

White + Black = RED

Happy Mother's Day!

Jen Miller, left, and her mother. The similarities between the two go beyond the physical.
Jen Miller in high school.
Mary Miller in high school.
Tess Vigeland: Indulge me for just a moment this weekend while I wish Julie Vigeland the happiest of mother's days. I could not have asked for a more beautiful mom -- inside and out. I love you mom.
With that, I relinquish the microphone for someone else to express her appreciation, as commentator Jen Miller does for her mom, Mary.

Jen Miller: I am my mother's daughter. We are carbon copies of each other, separated by 26 years. I see her every time I look in the mirror, and I think of her every time I put money away in my retirement account, make a mortgage payment or toss money into my emergency savings instead of buying something I don't really need.

My mom didn't graduate college. She took night classes, but she married young, and had four children by the time she was 30. When the youngest was in kindergarten, she temped and, within a year, had a full-time job as an administrative assistant for a financial planner -- a boon since, when my parents divorced, she needed to work.

She was about to take a certification exam to become a financial planner herself, when her father was rushed to the ICU. A hole had ripped open into his stomach and he'd suffered a stroke.

Still she took the test and, understandably, did not pass.

Further study went out the window as she helped care for him until he died. She did the same for her mother, who passed away a few years later.

Then the recession hit. Her investments tanked, and the value of her home dropped by nearly a third. She got a second job, working nights and weekends at a grocery store. Some members of our family whispered that they were embarrassed she worked there.

I was not. She did what she needed to do to keep saving for retirement, pay the mortgage and replace the roof on the house she still needed to sell. Which she did this year. She found a buyer almost immediately after it listed and then negotiated a blockbuster deal on her new home. In April, she quit the second job. She went to Ireland. She renewed her profile. At 57, she has made an amazing comeback.

I am proud of my mother. She has been an inspiration -- in both preparing for my financial future and the rest of my life.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I can't wait to see your next chapter.

From Public Radio International's Marketplace (click here for the story).

Sunday Morning News and Views, Part I

The first high speed Amtrak trains outside of the Northeast corridor are racing through parts of Michigan at 110 mph. But President Obama's ambitious high speed rail initiative is otherwise in a slow down mode. Lawmakers and some states' governors have not embraced the program. 

After rising for a while, gasoline prices are reversing, and this comes as a time of year when prices usually go up. Traders in the oil markets believe the world economy is slowing and less oil will be needed. The decline is gas prices appears to neutralize what had been a difficult issue for the Obama campaign.  

Mitt Romney delivered the commencement address at the nation's largest evangelical school on Saturday. This is the latest effort by the Republican presidential candidate to win over a part of the party base that has been skeptical of him in the past. Most of those interviewed are not happy the nominee is Romney, noting that he is too far to the left and is a Mormon. They say they will vote for him as the least of two evils. Romney did not mention his religion but did emphasize the common areas in belief and family values. Some in the crowd pointed out that the Romney who was a governor was far more liberal in his talk and action than the man speaking at their graduation ceremony.

Archaeologists working in one of the most impenetrable rain forests in Guatemala have stumbled on a remarkable discovery: a room full of wall paintings and numerical calculations. the workshop of Xultun is buried room apparently was a workshop used by scribes or astronomers working for a Mayan king.  The paintings depict the king and members of his court.  The numbers mark important periods in the Mayan calendar.