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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Future of Education

Has education become about the student as consumer and the customer is always right? Or is it still about knowledge, liberal arts, critical thinking and having professionals who really now their fields once they graduate.

There is ample evidence from K to graduate students that pleasing the student to get the tuition seems to be the focus, with retention of students over knowledge, advancement over qualifications, and inflated grades over skills and true accomplishment.


Jason S. said...

No, teaching has become about getting through the government hoops. It is about getting passing scores for standardized tests. As for colleges, it is attracting the students that matters, not about there success.

Jenny M said...

In some places I do think they have too strong of a concern about how much money they are getting. It is pretty sad, and very irritating for students.

Anonymous said...

Colleen RT

Depending on the school, test scores and tuition payments can be the most important thing, the students education doesn't matter.

Eric Raba said...

This contributes to a post earlier about low test scores. A lot of schools are concerned about the funding they receive, and the level of education seems to fall by the wayside.

Anonymous said...

LOK COM 131 PTA Program

Most schools mainly care about test scores, money, and credibility. Yet,some schools do not have the right resources for students to learn. For example, the main reason why students in college do not study is because they are expected to be spoon fed everything. Critical thinking has gone down the drain. Students do not study. They do not have a sufficient vocabulary bank to even attempt to think critically. Students need to learn how to stop being lazy and figure things out on their own.


Anonymous said...

students should take pride and ownership in their education. some students want everything handed to them without doing the readings or hw.

while some schools, specially at the graduate level, charge an arm and a leg, they are giving you knowledge that nobody could ever take away from you.