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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A conflict of media message

After O'Reilly's "War On Christmas" Rant, Fox Wishes Viewers "Happy Holidays"

Bill O'Reilly delivered an eight-minute monologue about the threat that "secular forces" pose to America -- using the nonexistent "war on Christmas" as an example -- but Fox News punctuated the segment with an animation telling the audience "Happy Holidays."

Fox News Happy Holidays
Fox News has repeatedly attacked people and organizations who use the word "holiday" instead of "Christmas," claiming that they are engaging in a "war on Christmas."

In November, Fox & Friends expressed outrage at the fact that Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee has used the term "holiday tree" rather than Christmas tree, only to air a segment minutes later about the show's "Holiday wish list."

Because Fox News revisits the "war on Christmas" every holiday season, there are plenty of examples of itshypocrisy on the subject.


eric raba said...

this is pretty typical of Fox news. it just proves that they are the laughing stock of the news community

Jason S. said...

I do disagree with renaming the christmas tree, mind you the christmas tree was originally pulled in from a pagan belief. I do not believe that calling something by its name offends others, you only offend beliefs when you forceible change others beliefs.