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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What happened to music?


Monica Carlisle said...

Yes, WTF! MTV has lost its original meaning. Sadly, it is all just junk programming now. I remember when MTV would show videos, they would do the video count down.I loved it. MTV would keep me updated on the popular music of the week.I would go online and vote for my favorite artists. But, I understand MTV is a business and if the majority of viewers are not interested in the current programming then here needs to make a change. MTV sure did, by lowering their standards to attract a younger crowd and more viewers. MTV has to make money to continue to stay in business, another changing of the times.

Drew Mortensen said...

Seriously! what happened to MTV? Now it is full of nothing but naked girls and pimps! Its a shame

Kevin said...

MTV is no longer about music, it is more concentrated on what new teen is pregnant, rather than actually showing anything related to any type of music and if does shoe something its on a boy band singing about how they cant find love. NTV needs to go back to what they initially wanted to be watched for