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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Political Disclaimer

Politics are on the blog as examples only. I am open about my own beliefs, economics and party affiliation. You can find examples of political communication, good and bad, from any party or candidate with a quick search on the Internet.

Now that is is finally (almost) over, what are your observations of political speech, of PAC money influence or impact, of living in a "battleground states" (if, like me you do), and of the results of the election?

Use comment(s) below. There is a delay as this is a screened and not instant web site.

1 comment:

VThomas said...

As the election season began i was disappointed by the ads on television. It seemed like the candidates were more interested in making eachother look bad, rather than telling America their plan to improve things. I am pleased with the way things turned out. I dont believe Barak Obama or anyone else could have made a miracle happen in four years, afterall it took at least double that time to create the mess our country is in. Everyone deserves a second chance.